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Massage is not just another type of unnecessary spending of money and time. Massage helps your body recover, keep you fit and healthy. The best types of massage can be found at Fallbrook massage.

Our salon exists and has been doing successful work for several years. Our massage services are perfect and please every one of our clients. Fallbrook massage will provide you complete relaxation, return of positive energy and enjoyment in every moment.

We offer several types of massages from which you can choose the one that you think will please you the most. Also, you can leave the choice to us. According to your description of what you feel in your body and what problems you have, we will determine which massage you need and which will best restore your psycho-physical state.

Fallbrook Massage

Thai massage, as the name suggests, originated in Thailand. This massage combines pressure on specific points and stretching. During the massage, the therapist uses his thumbs, forearms, elbows and knees, in order to apply pressure on certain points in the body as correctly as possible. Stretching will help relax the muscles or tendons and thus increase their flexibility.

Swedish massage is used for general relaxation of the body, for muscle relaxation and improvement of circulation. It is a technique of long sliding strokes, a technique of friction and kneading. After this massage, you will feel ease in your whole body, and the tension will disappear from your mind as well.

About all other types of massage that you can schedule in our salon, you will find out much more at Fallbrook massage.

If you want to give your body and mind relaxation and enjoyment, one click on Fallbrook massage is enough. Our massage services will improve your psycho-physical condition.